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Difference in Yonex 65ZM, 65XM, and 65W Badminton Shoes

As the Title says, what's the Difference between ZM and XM badminton shoes models, as you get confused due to similar names.

If you don't want to read further, then answer is Yonex 65ZM is the best and others are in cheaper quality. To be the best, you need the best. World No.1 Viktor Axelsen's choice of shoe: the Power Cushion 65 Z, with Power Cushion + . Power Cushion + gives 25% more shock absorption. Read further to check out the different images and understand the difference between.

As per badmintoncentral thread, XM is the lower-quality material version and W, in the end, is a wider version of the same shoe and here are the pictures.

In the bottom image, you can see the poor-quality PU material on the top of the shoe in comparison to ZM version.

65zm shoes

Similarly, in the bottom, you can see Power Graphite Lote is missing in the 65XM, which makes the shoes less comfortable.

65xm soles

So, if you want to showcase the Badminton shoes to your friends then you can go for any model, but if you need quality with comfort then Yonex 65ZM shoes are the only option, and no need to look at any other model in this series. We believe in quality than quantity so we are bringing the higher version of these shoes because we care about your foot more than the money.

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