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Brand: Carlton
Model: Kinesis Ultra
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Weight Avg. 85 gms
Stringing Advice18-28 lbs
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Carlton Kinesis Ultra Badminton Racket

The Carlton Kinesis Ultra is the badminton racket for players with an attacking style, who like to be in control. Technical players who take initiative and don't let go. This is a racket with an even-balance and an extra-stiff frame.

Speed Series: Superior frame aerodynamics for ultimate speed
Advanced Players
Construction: HM Graphite
Balance: Even
Flexibility: Extra Stiff
Frame Weight: 85g
Length: 675mm

Aerofoil Grommets: Flush fitting grommets ensure minimal airflow disruption for greatly reduced drag. This unique aerofoil design enables players to generate greater racket head speed with enhanced manoeuvrability.

Vortex Geometry: A unique vortex shedding frame geometry providing a twisted aerodynamic profile in the hoop reflexively tracing the biomechanics of your stroke increasing racket head speed and manoeuvrability.

Nanocell Enhanced: Unique resin system increases overall stiffness for enhanced shot precision. Extreme racket recoil velocity gives excellent manoeuvrability for ultimate speed and control.

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