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This is the age of online shopping, you know it. However, as it happens with every innovation, there are some pitfalls that you need to be wary of. We are talking about the lack of authenticity and quality of products sold online these days. So, if you were keen on searching for “sports shop near me”, you’ve got one right place to go to.

Meet Us – Sports Uncle

Wondering why we named our online sports store that way?

Well, uncles have paramount experience in their respective fields, don’t they? So, naming our store that way should give you a better idea of how seriously we take the aspects of an online store and how experienced are we.

Our experience is a result of blooming out of the need of providing the residents of Bangalore an online shopping opportunity like no other. Over the course of this struggle, we have come to know about the nitty-gritty of what makes online sports shopping worthwhile – and that is the quality of the goods provided in a timely fashion.

Yes, you read it. Time is the essence of our business and we have been garnering quite an attention because of our dedication to never compromise on the expectations of our buyers. We deliver your product to your doorsteps in just 1-3 business days.

That’s not all. Continue reading and you’ll find a lot more about us.

We are exclusive

There is no online sports store in Bangalore that promises what we do. Time and again, you might have sensed the need for a store that can manage your order well, and instead of providing you with outdated goods, it can help you get unused and top quality products. This is where we come. We have invested quite a lot in making this store worthwhile for buyers like you. That means we provide top quality products that are unused, new, and most important original. Try it once and you will came to know why we are much better and low priced in comparison to so called pro-shops.

We are versatile

Our store operates in all parts of this versatile city - Marathalli, Kammanahalli, Whitefield, Malleswaram, and every other area. How is this for versatility?

While that is only one facet of our versatile nature, our product range also says a lot about it. For example, we have sports equipment for almost all the sports played in this city or elsewhere. You can get equipment for
BadmintonCricketFootballVolleyballBoxing, Skating and Gym & Fitness in retail prices and wholesale sports shop prices.

The sports equipment can be anything from sports gear to sportswear and beyond. The choice is yours to make.

We are the leaders

For any online store, garnering online authority is paramount. Gladly, we have done that with maximum effort. Our page is ranked in Top 10 organic searches of Google, which should give you an idea of our credibility and we are also the only website in the world that selling Top 10 Brands of Badminton. We also get covered on and  Yahoo coverage screenshot is here.

This authority does not come out of the blue. Instead, there are many efforts involved in it. The foremost factor that contributes to this is undoubtedly customer satisfaction and Genuine goods. Beware of Fakes which is served by many stores in Bangalore and blaming the online shopping for fakes which is not fully correct.

Online shopping has made many things easy, including the ease of shopping from your couch. We bring this convenience to you, so when you think of a “sports shop near me for badminton” or "sports shop near me for cricket", you get one. We are virtually available near you with best badminton racket, genuine sports items, cricket bat at cheaper price.

Now that you are here, why don’t you browse the categories we offer and check out the reviews below that?

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