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Yonex Badminton

Yonex is one of the World Leader in Badminton & Tennis Equipments. It has a wide range of sports equipment including Badminton RacketBadminton ShuttlecockBadminton Shoes, and many more.

Yonex has always been on the top of the game with cutting edge technology and innovation in its products. They put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the product and that is what makes them stand apart from the rest.

Yonex has set a benchmark with its premium quality Badminton equipment which is manufactured as per the demands of the game. Yonex Badminton equipment such as racket, shuttlecock, kitbag, grip, string, etc. come in various sizes, colors & price range serving the needs of players of every level whether they are naive, intermediate, or professional.

Yonex Badminton Racket

Yonex has a wide range of Kids & Family Badminton Rackets. They have different kinds of rackets for players of every level. Yonex rackets are available with different weights, grip, control & balance. You need to select the right one depending on the kind of player (occasional, Intermediate, or Professional) you are.

Yonex Rackets are a bit costlier but they are worth it. Especially if you are professional or looking to make a career in Badminton you must go for it. Their rackets are manufactured using quality material which makes them lighter and also brings in added control and flexibility while playing the game. This helps take your game to the next level. So don't think much and buy the best Yonex badminton racket online today at the best price in India.

Badminton Shuttlecock

Yonex badminton Shuttlecock is one of the finest shuttles. They travel well in the air and is very stable. They are manufactured using quality material and last longer. They are manufactured using fine quality feathers which are bonded into a cork which provides the weight. They mainly come in white color and yellow color variant. You can buy Yonex shuttlecock online at the best prices on SportsUncle. It is advisable to buy shuttlecock multiple packs as they help you save a good amount of money compared to buying single shuttles.

Yonex Badminton KitBag

Yonex also has a range of quality kit bag at a great price. Yonex Badminton Kitbag is designed with material that is light weighted but strong at the same time so that it lasts longer. Badminton Kit Bags comes in different sizes for normal or advanced users and colors. Premium Yonex kitbags are manufactured in Cambodia or Japan.

About Yonex Badminton

Yonex was founded in ‎1946 & incorporated in June 1958 by Minory Yoneyuma. He initially used to produce wooden floats that could be used for fishing nets but soon he ran out of business as plastic nets came into the market and became popular.

Then he ventured into Racket Manufacturing in around 1957 and his racquets started gaining popularity. His major success was an isometric racket. Soon after this, he applied the same to manufacture tennis and golf sticks. Also, he figured out that Graphite is a great material for making this equipment.

Yonex became popular in Japan and other big markets like India & the USA. It went Public in 1994 and saw a great increase in their value YOY. Yonex cemented its place in the Sports Industry, they made a name that people blindly trust now.

Yonex is an Official Sponsor of many Major World Sports Event including Olympics, World Badminton Championships & Tennis Grand Slams. Also, Yonex Sponsor various Athletes to reach out to more people and for branding, currently, Saina Nehwal from India is a Yonex sponsored player.

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