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This is a list of equipment all serious badminton players need to help you get started. Badminton is a true sport in its own right, recognized nationally and all the way up to the Olympics.

Introduction: Badminton

To most people who are not already avid players or fans, badminton may seem like a simple sport. It is often considered to be a type of tennis game, just two people knocking a peculiar-looking 'ball' over a raised net, right? Wrong. Badminton is a true sport in its own right, recognized and played nationally and all the way up to the Olympics.

If you plan on playing a competitive game of badminton you will have to learn the basic offensive and defensive manoeuvres just like any other competitive sport. You must also be in good physical shape to play badminton as you can be sure that your opponents will be. If you’ve got the technique and physique down then the next important step is knowing about the equipment needed to play from the badminton equipment list.

This is why SportsUncle has put together this list of equipment all serious badminton players need to help you get started.

5 Pieces of Equipment All Serious Badminton Players Need

One of the first things you will find out is that badminton uses equipment that is essential to your play. This gear includes badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes, trackers, accessories, and apparel.

1. Badminton Racket

Of course, you will need a badminton racket if you plan on playing badminton! This is a badminton player’s most basic component; however, most people may end up being unsatisfied with their rackets if it is unsuitable for them. Apart from choosing a suitable badminton racket, players also have to adhere to certain specifications laid by the Badminton World Federation (BWF), if they plan on playing professionally.

Factors to consider when choosing a badminton racket

Racket weight

The overall weight of your racket will play a huge role in how well you play. Lighter badminton rackets provide less swing power but allow for more flexibility and manoeuvrability. Heavier rackets will give you more power, but they are harder to manoeuvre. Badminton rackets can be divided into six categories by weight/function.

Racket category

Racket weight

Racket function


95 and above

Training racket



Training racket



Regular racket



Regular racket



Modern racket



Modern racket


Although most high-quality badminton rackets fall between the 83 to 100 grams range, training rackets, on the other hand, are much heavier than regular rackets. They can weigh around 120 to 180 grams with the weight mostly at the head to increase wrist strength. The most popular brand in badminton rackets is Yonex badminton, many renowned professional players also use Yonex badminton rackets and racket prices are on the higher side.

Badminton Racket Strings

Using the correct badminton string for your racket affects your performance and plays a huge role during your badminton game. Your choice of racket string should be based on your style of play. There are two things to consider when stringing your racket:

1)      String diameter - Thicker strings are more durable but have less power and thinner strings are less durable but have more power.

2)      String tension - Badminton string tension is measured in “pounds”. The higher the pounds (lbs), the higher the tension and vice versa. String tension can also be set according to the recommended skill levels below.

·                     Beginners: 19-20 lbs

·                     Intermediate players: 21-24lbs

·                     Advance players: 25+ lbs.


Racket Grip size

Grip sizes also vary for every player as it is dependent on the size of your palm or personal preference.  The letter ‘G’ is used to indicate the racket handle grip sizes. Below are the common sizes for racket handles.

Racket grip

Grip size

Racket function


4 in

Large palms


3.75 in

Large palms


3.5 in

Regular palms


3.25 in

Regular palms


3 in

Small palms


2.75 in

Small palms


Apart from the above factors, you may also have to consider things when choosing a badminton racket. This includes the shape and balance of your racket, the flexibility of its shaft and whether you are playing singles or doubles. The following Infographic will help you in understanding the same.

2. Badminton Shuttlecock

The shuttlecock, also called a birdie, is the high-drag ‘ball’ used in playing badminton. It is designed to be aerodynamically stable as it will turn cork first, and remain in that position during flight regardless of its initial orientation. The shuttlecock owes this high-drag property to its open conical shape formed by 16 feathers (or nylon) embedded into a round cork base.

Badminton shuttlecocks are chosen by their speed levels but this will be affected by the altitude, humidity, and temperature of your location. For example, a shuttlecock that flies well in China will not necessarily do the same in Australia. We have included a shuttlecock speed chart below to help you choose.


International shuttlecock speed chart
speed chart

Consider the environment where you will be playing and choose the shuttlecock with the speed number appropriate to the altitude, humidity, and temperature. 

Shuttlecock number

Shuttlecock rating

Shuttlecock speed

Preferred location




For use in Highlands




For use in hotter areas




For use in most sea-level areas




For use in cold areas




For use below sea level

SportsUncle recommends training with a feather shuttlecock if you want to play in a real sport or competition. This is because the flight pattern and feel of hitting a nylon shuttlecock differ much from that of a feather shuttlecock. You can start with the Yonex Mavis 350  for superior flight performance. If you need a feather shuttlecock-like flight in a nylon shuttle then you can use Yonex Mavis 2000 shuttle.

3. Badminton Shoes

Badminton players have to move around a lot as they shuffle for the flying shuttlecock and this movement can place a great amount of pressure on the forefeet. Therefore, it is important to put some thought into choosing the perfect court shoes.

Good badminton shoes should be able to hold your body weight without slipping, they also have to be extremely comfortable and include a layer of cushion that will allow your feet to breathe. The idea is to have shoes that won’t leave you exhausted at the end of a match.

The Yonex badminton shoes are both comfortable and durable, even after years of gameplay. They are also available in different colours.

Note: Jogging shoes/running shoes are not suitable for playing badminton. But non-marking shoes either marked for tennis can be easily used for Badminton without any issue. Because these days Tennis shoes are also very light and have the same or better technology in comparison to badminton shoes. So you get cheaper and more durable shoes.

Read the detailed Article on Non - Marking Shoes which helps you understand the truth and marketing gimmicks. This article is not liked by some shoe companies because we are here to reveal the truth.

Learn About - How to Maintain and Take care of Badminton Shoes

4. Apparel and Accessories

Unsure of what badminton apparel or badminton accessories to bring to court? Many players have a customized list of items that they bring with them, but we have compiled a list of the most essential items to have in your gym bag.  This way, you will be well prepared to deal with any situation that arises on the badminton court which already has the badminton net. You can also click here for more.

a) Grips

We recommend packing an extra set of grips to ensure that you always have a spare set at hand when your current ones wear out. You will appreciate the comfort of having the extra traction of a freshly wrapped grip after a few games. Most players prefer towel grips, which have better sweat absorption capacity than rubber grips. We like the Yonex Super Grap as it serves for a really long time. Read the detailed article on choosing the best grip for your racket.

b) Grip Powder

Made out of magnesium carbonate hemihydrate, badminton grip powder is used to stop the hands from sweating or being too slippery. This is recommended if you have slippery palms and using a towel grip isn’t as effective. The Grip Powder can do wonders for that sweaty palm.

c) Wristbands/Headbands

Although it isn’t compulsory to wear badminton wristbands, they do work great as fashion accessories, giving players the extra ‘cool’ factor. Headbands can be used to control long hair and keep sweat from getting into the eyes. Wristbands also helps to prevent sweat from flowing down the handle of your racket. We recommend the Yonex Wristband Set for a balance between cool and functional.

d) T-shirts and Shorts

We recommend going for badminton apparel that is light and really comfortable as you will sweat a lot. A collared or round-neck cotton t-shirt will help ensure that your sweat and body heat is absorbed without affecting your performance.

5. Badminton Tracker

Most badminton players hope to be star performers on the court but this takes a lot of patience, focus, and effort. The best way to ensure that your effort doesn’t go to waste you may need to have a badminton tracker to help you to improve your game. Badminton trackers are portable devices that provide personalized training and coaching in real-time via a connection with your smartphone.

They effectively help you improve your technique and stance by analyzing every shot and providing accurate statistics of your performance. These devices are easy to use and lightweight so they can be attached to the wrist or racket without being noticeable. We recommend the Actofit Badminton Tracker which has emerged as the industry leader in recent years.


When it comes to choosing the right badminton equipment, we advise that you base your selection on functionality before turning your attention to aesthetics. Each of the pieces of the basic badminton equipment outlined above plays an important role in the game of badminton, but you will know what works best for you over time. Have fun shopping and gearing up for your next badminton game.


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