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“Whether You Choose Cash on Delivery or Prepaid, the Outcome Will Be the Same”

When shopping online, people in India often choose the Cash on Delivery (COD) payment method.
Customers prefer CoD because they find it more convenient due to ease of payment.
Customers also falsely believe they will get a ‘genuine’ product if they pay cash on delivery.

But this is a wrong perception.

In fact, CoD payment method is highly prone to risks and fraud – so much so that even the government has had to intervene on this matter.
Let us walk you through the risks you face by choosing COD payment method:

You could be swindled by a scam either way

Whether you choose to prepay for your order or pay cash on delivery, there is no guarantee that you will get a genuine product if the seller is a fraud or cheat himself.

He could sell off a bogus product to you and even cash on delivery orders can only be opened after the payment has been made.

No matter how you pay, fraud sellers will never send you genuine products

So, you would still end up with a fake product if you buy from a scammer, even if you pay cash on delivery.

Same is the case with prepaid. If the seller is not genuine, the outcome will be the same.

You could be involved in a dangerous life-threating crime!

The agents handling the COD deliveries have to collect the cash from you at the time of delivery. This increases their chances of being mugged or robbed by criminals for the money they carry from all their deliveries.

Many incidents of attacks and theft have already taken place, making this delivery mode a real cause of concern.

You could be contributing to an illegal activity

COD supports people dealing in black money. In response to this dishonest activity, the Indian government has started tracking down marketplaces where such high transactions are taking place.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) itself views COD as illegal. So, anyone engaging in these transactions could be seen as a suspect regardless of background and intentions. In prepaid orders, no one can run with your money, because money is mostly released to the seller after the delivery and some payment gateways also provide the protection to the buyer. But in COD once you paid to the courier guy, you can't do anything, as there is NO proof of the payment.

With the government involved at this level, it is important to realize that COD has many more drawbacks and just one benefit.

Prepaid is the better option

Prepaid is the most suitable method of payment for online purchases. 
In this payment method, you pay for the goods online at the same time you place your order on the store.
As a result, you can expect quick delivery.
You also prove yourself as a premium customer in the seller’s eyes.
Best of all, you make India’s economy stronger than ever!

Prepaid buyers are mostly Genuine buyers and contributing in the growth of India's Economy, but still, you think COD is better, than sorry to Say either you are not a Genuine Buyer or you have lots of Black money.

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