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In 2007 when Flipkart start operations e-commerce in India was still at its foetal stage. But wanting to reach out to more customers, Flipkart took a risk and launched Cash-on-Delivery (CoD) service. It paid off. 

Today, compared to developed countries, e-commerce in India is more dependent on CoD and even after demonetizations user's preferred COD over prepaid order. Because due to convenience, online scam or Indian buyers having lots of Black money, that’s why Income tax departments start collecting the data of cash on delivery buyers from marketplaces and scrutinizing their cases.

So, COD game will end soon or later but we want you to watch the following video which will allow you to understand why COD is dangerous.  


** If you buy the product on COD because of the concern that product box does not contain the soap/brick etc. Then remember that can also happen in COD too because courier guy not allows you to open the packet without paying and will not return the money even if you open in front of him.

So, always buy from genuine websites like which served more than 10000 customers in a single year with 0% defect/damage/non-delivery rate.

 The government’s vision of making India a cashless economy in the next 3-5 years may have an impact on the way customers transact online. So, why not adopt the change now for the better future.

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