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In the past decade or so, the science behind sports has grown significantly, and countries, as well as other organizations related to sports, have started investing more and more in scientific research. As a result, we have players with fitness, endurance like never before. But these scientific researches are not limited to fitness and endurance. They are spread towards other aspects of the games, including clothing, the players' diet, and more.

As a result, a new line of clothes called compression clothing has arrived at the scene. And in no time, the compression wear has become more critical than ever, particularly with ever-advancing technologies coming in to play. After all, Compression clothing is one of the best ways to enhance your performance, that too, without any extra effort or training.

Hence, Sportsuncle has brought some exciting information about Compression Clothing. We will talk about what Compression Clothing is, how Compression Clothing helps the Cricketer, Tennis & Badminton Players etc.

What is Compression Clothing?

You might have seen Virat Kohli wearing a black cloth beneath the shorts in practice seasons. That is called tights, which is a type of compression clothing.

Compression clothing fits tightly around the skin, but this definition is too loose. As a result, nowadays, Compression Clothing has become a term used for super tight, super revealing, and hilariously colored garments. However, the real compression wear has a purpose and actual benefits. The right compression clothing is just not some tight fabrics. It has wicking property to decrease sweat pooling and keep the body warm. It has the perfect tightness to ease blood flow. More importantly, it allows freedom of movement.

Furthermore, the technology behind Compression Clothing can be applied to a wide range of garments, including socks, shorts, tights, arm sleeves, tops, and more. However, the level of compression power in a garment is not the same in every cloth. It depends on several factors like material, size, fabric structure, as well as an individual's shape and size.

Compression clothing has become popular because it is believed to enhance performance and shorten the recovery time of cricketers as well as badminton players.

The use of compression clothing is not limited to cricket or badminton. It is used in almost every sport. But how does it work? Let's understand the science behind compression clothing.

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How does Compression Clothing work?

Compression clothing is designed to provide compression to the body, which increases the blood flow and pressure towards the extremity of the limb. The latter is also known as graduated compression.

The evidence supporting the actual science behind compression clothing is not conclusive. However, several studies exist claiming that compression wear increases the uptake of oxygen to working muscle. Plus, it decreases the blood lactate levels, which all promote better performances.

In other words, the compression clothing improves the delivery of blood to the exercising muscle and return of blood back to the heart. As a result, this clothing is believed to enhance the delivery of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the muscles, which helps in better performance. On top of that, compression clothing also helps remove waste products after matches or practice seasons to improve recovery.

However, tight clothing can cause some severe sweating. We all are familiar with the effect of sweating on cricketers and badminton players. So, how will the players cope up with sweating?

Tighter clothing means more sweating, so challenging to play?

It a common notion that the tighter the clothes you wear, the more you will sweat, and the more you will sweat, the more difficult it will be for you to play. However, usually, compression clothing is made from materials with wicking property, so no matter how tight the clothing is, it will reduce sweat pooling.

In simple words, you won't have to worry anymore about sweating because the fabric of the clothing will pick up the moisture and carry it away from your body. It will spread it out to evaporate quickly on the outside of the fabric.

Besides the wicking property, compression garments have various other properties and benefits. The next section is dedicated to some advantages of compression clothing.

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5 Benefits of wearing Compression clothing

There are various benefits of compression clothing, though the science behind all of them isn't conclusive. Many benefits are speculative, but it doesn't stop professional players from using them. They are pretty widely accepted in almost every sport, not just in badminton and cricket.

Here are a few advantages of wearing compression clothing:

1. Enhanced Performance

Studies have indicated tough not conclusively that compression clothing can have a positive impact on the performance of the players. Here is how it can improve performance:

  • Less perceive exertion level
  • Improved jumping ability and power
  • Better flow of oxygen to muscles

The three factors mentioned above have a significant effect on the overall athletic performance of an individual.

2. Faster recovery

In addition to enhancing a player's overall performance, compression wear also helps in speeding up the recovery. Over time, several scientific reports have shown that wearing compression clothing during exercise sessions and matches helps in a quicker recovery. That's why cricketers wear it under their regular dress.

3. Injury Prevention

We all know how prone international players are to sustaining injuries during matches considering their explosive movements, particularly during cold conditions. Compression clothing is very good at regulating body temperature, which helps mitigate the risks of tendons, straining ligaments, and muscles. Moreover, it also decreases muscle vibration, which results in a stabilized muscle group and improved proprioception.
All-in-all, compression clothing can help in injury prevention.

4. Reduced muscle soreness

Compression wear can reduce muscle soreness, which is an inevitable phenomenon for players after an exhausting match. The compression wear decreases muscle vibrations. Hence, players wearing it are less likely to experience muscle soreness the next day.

Additionally, it provides extra support and improved oxygen flow, which altogether reduces the risk of straining a muscle during games and practice sessions.

5. Extra comfort

You might find it surprising, but compression garments are very comfortable, regardless of how tight they are. No matter how it sounds, but compression tights, tops, shorts, and socks, offers extra support and a feeling of held in but not in the wrong way. These garments allow the body to move freely during and after exercise.

compression socks and legging


Compression clothing is a type of clothing that hugs the body tightly and exerts external pressure on the body of the individual wearing it. It improves the blood flow throughout the body and enhances the performance of the individuals. Hence, this type of wear has become an essential aspect of the lives of the modern cricketers and badminton players, considering the benefits, no matter how circumstantial.

They are used by most professional players in gyms, in practice sessions, etc. In addition to that, compression wear also has post-exercise benefits; it speeds up the recovery process. So, if you have not put this wear to use, it's high time to do it; you will be able to perform exceedingly well, without a doubt.

However, you cannot expect results without honing your skills, be it cricket or badminton. Additionally, it would be best if you had the proper equipment, and you should know how to take appropriate care of your sports equipment.

Stay tuned and keep visiting Sportsuncle for more informational pieces about various sports.

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