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The Complete Foot Care Guide for Athletes

foot care guide
As an athlete, your life is in constant movement with persistent running, exercises and competition. 

So, it would be a mistake if you neglect to care for your feet. 

During running or playing, the entire weight of your body comes down on your foot. Thus, swellings, fissures, patches, breaks, blisters, and pains can be common.

But with top-quality foot products and accessories, you can protect your feet from such serious injuries. 

Sports Uncle brings you an extensive collection of foot care products from renowned brands that help you run and play comfortably, smoothly and harmlessly. 

Read on and find out the things you need to do before and after setting foot in a sports field.

Things to Do Before

Do a Little Exercise

It is quite essential to tune your body before running, or playing any sport.

Do a little stretching, walking, lifting and swinging your legs too and fro to give your body a form. A warm-up can relax stabilize your knees, legs, and foot to endure the physical exertion.

Select the Right Shoes

Always get the right shoes according to your sport.

Think about the harm you would do to yourself if you put on running shoes on your football tournament.

Badminton shoes have special flexibility, cushioning and shock-absorbing features, that control the friction and support the foot while playing.

Cricket shoes have spikes to maintain the grip. The shoes’ torsion bar prevents the wearer from falling to injury.

With cleats/studs and heels, football shoes control the friction, especially on wet ground.

Good tennis shoes are light in weight with flat and smoother sole surface.

Running shoes like minimalist shoes, marathon shoes, and cushioned shoes are highly shock-absorbent, flexible and lightweight to foster running.     

Use Foot Insoles

Foot and gel insoles are one of the best for athletes as they protect feet from a number of aches and infections.

Injuries of knee pain, back pain, and tendonitis can be improved by using quality insoles.

Things to Do After

Rest and Eat

When you are done with your running or workouts, take sufficient rest to ease your body’s muscles. Remember to keep a healthy diet throughout your athletic journey. Eat healthy foods for treating you knee, back, leg and foot aches.

Drink a cup of turmeric tea or ginger tea after your run-up to relieve your knee pain. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help in alleviating pain.   

Wash Your Foot with Warm Water

Washing your foot with warm water generates many benefits. It helps in blood circulation, soothes your muscles soreness, relives your body fatigue and helps to deal with your skin problems.

Do a sports-massage. Rub your foot and knee with natural oils, herbal products or prescribed anti-inflammatory pain-relieving creams. These can also help you to curb pain in your body parts.

Apply Foot Scrub and Cream

Apply foot scrubs and foot creams after a run or play to maintain your feet health.

To prevent foot fungus, infections and treat bumps, redness, rashes, cracks, blisters and peeling areas between toes, advanced foot scrubs and moisturising foot creams are very beneficial.

They soothe and exfoliate the feet and keep them clean and infection-free.  

Use Heel Cushion for Pain Relief

Heel cushions remarkably treat your heel pains and provide your foot a soothing, mild and comfortable effect.

They are great in relieving the pressure, giving additional cushioning, reducing inflammation and enhancing the shock-absorbent properties of fat cells of heel.

They manage the shock waves of knees, legs, back and hips and lower the pressure on the heel.

Besides, they are highly effective in mitigating the risks of most common heel pain ‘plantar fasciitis’ that terribly hinders walking and running.

Ensure to get the durable heel cushions to give ultimate care to your foot.

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