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Lining launched 3 technologies or say categories in badminton rackets - 3D Calibar, Aeronaut and Turbo Charging.

3D Calibar (Powerful) - Features High Tech Geometric Frame Design and Less Air Resistance.

Aeronaut (Control) - Features Air Steam Channel Design and Less Air Resistance

Turbo Charging (Fast) - Features Aerodynamic Efficiency, Trapezoidal Frame Construction, Extra Strong Swing Speeds

And each category has 4 different play styles.

  • Drive
  • Combat
  • Boost
  • Instinct
Drive - Lining Drive Rackets feature stiff Shaft and highly elastic head Design. Suitable for those which keeps switching between offensive and defensive.

Combat - Lining Combat Rackets feature Heavy Head and High Balance Point. Suitable for those which needs power and aggressive style of play.

Boost - Lining Boost Rackets feature Moderate weight and suitable for experienced players.

Instinct - Lining Instinct rackets weighs less than 80g, suitable for those looking for lighter rackets and fast style of play.

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