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Have a extreme close look of the Yonex Duora Z Strike Badminton Racket. An attack type racket to enhance "power" "speed" "control", and to win a game. 

DUORA GROMMET: 8 continuation grommets which varies in the design on the box shape side and the aeroshape side attached to a head part. I hold rigidity by thickening the aeroshape side, and a grommet pushes back a string in an impact on the box shape side and raises the good point that I am from the ball. Patent pending 

 Yonex new carbon material having highest coefficient of elasticity in history. I use it in the Z- strike in the lower frame and produce a scathing flip. 

Dual Opti mamushi stem: I put the shape that is different from a forehand in a background together and adopt DR. "The dual Opti mamushi stem" which enhances a performance by all shots 

Isometric: Yonex's original square frame shape "isometric" realizes a wide suite area right to left or up and down in comparison with a general circular frame by equalizing the length of the string of length and breadth. After having won many titles with a top player in tennis, this technique produced by Yonex was equipped with for a badminton racket to isometric 500 of the release for the first time in the world in 1992. Thereafter, as world standard, it has been got close to many players. 

DR: I develop new carbon material which built material for the next-generation aerospace of world first Toray Industries, Inc. in Yonex's original nanoscience technique by nanoscience new material racket. It is the most high-dimensional and balances "repulsion performance" with "tenacity". 

Aero+ box shape: I adopt an aeroshape without a quick swing and a box shape to save power in right person for the right place. 

A concept: The new grommet design that was able to get closer to a horizontal direction not a design suitable for the conventional frame center as much as possible. I enlarge the excursion of the string in the batted ball, and a suite area is escalated to the frame upper part. Patent pending 

A compact frame: I hold down air resistance in the batted ball by reducing frame size and realize a feeling of refreshing batted ball. 

A new grommet pattern: I break up load in the batted ball by putting length, side string through the independent separate grommets, and the durability of the frame improves. 

A solid feel core: I cut harmful vibration in the batted ball by incorporating a blowing agent in the frame inside. 

A Shinnai melody storehouse Model T joint: Be superior to aspect stability more by compounding, and control characteristics improve epoxy resin and a blowing agent. 

An extra slim shaft: A shaft slimmed more cuts air resistance and raises operability. 

A control support cap: The shape that a flat face is easy to grip with a thumb widely. I realize more accurate quick racket work. 
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